Blogmas Day 15 Top 5 Christmas Adverts

You really know Christmas is coming when the Christmas adverts start coming on. My top 5 all time Christmas Adverts are…

1. The Bear and The Hare from John Lewis.
This one makes me shed a tear almost every time. It’s a beautiful song by Lily Allen and a lovely story.

2. Kevin the Carrot from Aldi.
This one makes me laugh. ‘Oh, I think I just pea’d myself.’

3. Buster the Boxer from John Lewis.
Another one that makes me laugh. That look of disbelief on the little girls face when Buster jumps on!

4.Get More Out Of Giving from Very.
I love how this advert focuses on the giving of gifts not the receiving. The little girl is so thoughtful in her choosing her gifts and how beautiful are the northern lights!

5. The Greatest Gift from Sainsburys
‘The greatest gift that I can give is me.’
It’s a fact that Christmas is about family and everyone gets busy thinking about all the other aspects of Christmas. Sometimes we forget to slow down and focus on the most important thing… our loved ones. I also love the subtle hint that even the slightest bit of snow causes chaos.

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