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For the past month or so I have had the privilege of trying out the Thrive app which is for mental health conditions. I personally don’t deal with stress very well and have been told by both my GP and a counsellor that I suffer from mild situational anxiety.  I have chosen not to treat this and try lifestyle changes instead, so I jumped at the chance of giving this app a try.

Background Info
Thrive – Feel Stress Free is a subscription service app. It is designed by psychiatrists and psychologists to help to gradually build resilience to and manage stress, anxiety and mild depression using clinically proven techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness. Subscription costs can be paid monthly £5.99, quarterly £14.97 and yearly £47.88.

We have negotiated a FREE TRIAL for our readers and you can find the code and a link I subscribe at the bottom of this post.

The App itself

When you first log into Thrive – Feel Stress Free each day it will ask you how you feel and what has contributed to you feeling this way.






Once you have answered these the app will give you some goals based on what you have told it.  As you can see from the goals provided in the image below I had answered questions suggesting that I hadn’t done much exercise or been very social recently.






The menu’s come in island forms and the main island is the first which includes the following options:

Thrive feel stresss free

– Thrive
Gives you direct access to the Thrive website

– Breathing
Takes you to the Calm Breathing exercise where you can choose aa duration of a few minutes and it will provide an exercise.


– Meditation
The meditation tab takes you to a new menu. Where you can choose from Meditations, Sensory, Mindful Body Scan, Mindful Earth and Mindful Walk. Each option talks you through an exercise where you think about your breathing, your positioning and the sensations you can feel.


– Deep Muscle

This takes you to deep muscle relaxation another excersise which talks you through tensing your muscles and then relaxing and controlling your breathing.


-Self Suggestion

allows you to link a word or statement to a state of relaxation and requires you to have previously completed the deep muscle relaxation exercises.

– Message in a bottle.

From time to time you will find inspiring and motivational quotes wash up on your island.






Moving to the second island menu you get 2 new options:






– Zen Garden

This allows you to draw in the sand and add different accessories.






– Zen Challenge

This is a game which you join the buckets together by drawing in the sand.






Moving to the third island you get 4 new options:






– Message

write a message in a bottle and help motivate someone else.

– Progress

Everything you do on Thrive – Feel Stress Free is logged and you can check your progress here.

– Mood Meter

Asks you questions and gives you an idea of if you are suffering with anxiety or depression and how severe it is. I remember I was asked these questions by my counsellor at every session with her few years ago, so they aren’t just random questions with no purpose. The app uses these answers to suggest a plan and produces goals for you.






– Wellbeing 

Further information on your problems and things to change or work on.






My View

I thought the app was very good, as you can see explained above it contains a lot of support and different things to try. I personally found it quite hard to become a habit or routine. When I was stressed or feeling a bit anxious it wasn’t my first thought to do some calm breathing or to meditate, but I think that over a longer period of time it would help ease a stressful or anxious situation.

Try Thrive – Feel Stress Free with a 1 month trial by clicking here and entering the following coupon STRESSFREE0917.

Disclosure: I have received this app in return for advertising and this post includes affiliate links.


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