The Slow Cooker – A Busylazymum’s Best Friend

Slow cooker

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Have you ever used a slow cooker? If you have that’s great! There so easy to use, aren’t they? If you haven’t… why not! They’re a BusyLazyMum’s Best Friend! We own 3 slow cookers in our house, yes 3! We use them at least 3 times a week as they make cooking so simple, especially when my husband and I eat at a different time to our boys on weekdays. You can view a whole range of slow cookers here on amazon.

Meals I make

Ok, so I’m a lazy cook, I confess I hate it! So some of my slow cooker meals are made mega lazy. This is mostly due to me rushing around.

Curries and Chinese dishes:

This is where my mega-laziness come in; I literally just throw in some meat,  a few chicken breasts or some diced beef or pork and then pour in a jar or 2 of curry/Chinese sauce. It could probably be a bit healthier if I made the sauce myself but these are my go-to quick meals for my husband and I, as my eldest has a dairy allergy, it can be difficult and expensive to find curry sauces that he can have.

Meatballs in Bolognese sauce:

this is my go-to meal for my boys for when we’re having a busy day. Again I’m mega lazy and just throw meatballs in with a jar of Bolognese sauce. I usually put this on high at around 12-1 and it’s done around 5ish, if I’m out for the day I’ll keep it on low all day. I sometimes add pasta directly to the slow cooker but personally I find it tastes a bit starchy, although the boys don’t complain. Most of the time though I cook the pasta in a separate pan on the hob and just spoon the meatballs and sauce over and add some dairy-free cheese.


We love casseroles in our house, they are usually served with steak chips and crusty bread. Again I cheat a bit with casseroles, I put the meat in; sausages, chicken or beef and I buy a bag of prepared casserole veg from Asda, pour over a Schwartz sachet of casserole mix to suit the meat I’m using and fill the slow cooker with boiled water. I leave this on low for around 8 hours, the boys have theirs and I switch the slow cooker onto warm until we are ready to eat.

Whole Chicken:

I can hear you now, you cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker. Yep, I do and no I’m not crazy. Put the whole chicken upside down in the slow cooker. The next step can vary, sometimes I fill the slow cooker with chicken stock, herbs and spices and sometimes I just pop a bit of water in the bottom so it doesn’t stick. Usually the latter is when I’m in a rush.

Gammon in Coke:

As simple as the name, just pop a joint of gammon and approx. half a large bottle of Coke or any fizzy drink you prefer into the slow cooker. I’ve actually heard of people doing this but with orange or apple juice, so it really is up to you what drink you choose to use. If you want to stick to something plain you can still use water.

Pulled Pork:

I place a pork joint in the slow cooker, I prefer to cut the fat off first as it’s more difficult once its been cooked. Add a little water to the bottom of the slow cooker again to stop it sticking and cook on high for around 4 hours or low for around 8 hours. Once it has cooked take 2 forks and shred it. We enjoy BBQ pulled pork, so we do everything I said before then add in a BBQ Sauce and leave on low for about an hour before serving. We somethings have these on jacket potatoes (which can also be cooked in the slow cooker) or with wedges and corn on the cob.

I won’t go in to more detail right now, but I’ve also made Jacket potatoes, Gooey chocolate orange cake and various flavours of fudge in the slow cooker but that’s for another post.

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