Message from Santa App

I recently discovered the Message from Santa App from another mum on the PTA and had to give it a try! I think its great! You can call Santa’s voicemail, Get a Call from Santa or Text Santa.

When you call Santa’s voicemail you get a list of options and some of these are really great!

1 Record your Christmas wish-list.
2 Put someone on naughty or nice list.
3 Check what Santa’s doing right now.
4 Check weather in North-pole
5 Check how many days until Christmas?
6 Find out the names of the reindeer
9 leave Santa a message

You can text Santa and get an instant reply.

You can get a call from Santa for a variety of reasons. He can call to put the recipient on the naughty/nice list or to say he/she must get ready for school/bed.

We’ve had great fun in counting down the days using the voicemail, finding out what Santa’s been doing and on the odd occasion of bad behaviour I’ve phoned to put the boys on the naughty list.

You can download the Message to Santa App here.


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