John Lewis Christmas Adverts in LEGO!

*I was gifted an mini moz the monster set in return for this post*

If you love the John Lewis Christmas Adverts as much as I do then you’ll love this.

The past 6 years of John Lewis Christmas Adverts have been turned into LEGO sets which are on display in the toy department at level 4 at the John Lewis store on Oxford Street, London until Friday 22nd December 2017.

I was absolutely devastated when I heard they were so far away and I wouldn’t be able to go and check them out.

The Journey – Christmas advert 2012 is built from 1,800 bricks and took 18 hours to build.

The Bear and The Hare – Christmas Advert 2013 is building from 2,400 bricks and took 20 hours to build. You can view this Advert in my Top 5 Christmas Adverts.

The Man on The Moon – Christmas Advert 2015 is built from 1,700 bricks and took 22 hours to build.

Buster the Boxer – Christmas Advert 2016 is built with 1,200 bricks and took 23 hours to build.

Monty the Penguin – Christmas Advert 2014 is built with 2,300 bricks and took 22 hours to build. You can view this Advert in my Top 5 Christmas Adverts.

Moz the Monster – Christmas Advert 2017 is built with 2,650 bricks and took 53 hours to build.


You can read more about these displays here on the John Lewis website.

I was gifted a Moz the Monster mini set for this post. I found it quite fiddily to build but he looks great and is currently proudly placed on Tristan’s shelf.

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