Our Hurghada Holiday

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Back in 2015 we were searching for our summer holiday. I had always thought that Egypt would be really expensive. It was actually coming up in the same price region we were looking at to travel to Turkey, Greece or Cyprus. We’d heard that Sharm El Sheikh was very touristy, so chose to avoid that area. We decided to book another area of Egypt; Hurghada. You can find out more about Hurghada holidays here.

Our Hurghada Holiday

We flew out in late June and stayed at the Sindbad Aqua Club Resort which was amazing! Sindbad actually own 3 hotels next to one another and you have use of the facilities at all of them. This gives you a huge choice in restaurants and bars which were all included in the all inclusive. It also gives you access to the waterpark which has 7 full-sized slides, 3 smaller slides for children, and activity pool for children and it also has a large wave pool. We spent the first week between the resort and the beach. The beach looked beautiful but it was a shingle beach which we don’t really like – I know we can be a bit fussy. The sea however was just gorgeous. It was warm and clear. If you found a spot that was quite still you could clearly see the little fish swimming around.


The second week we booked a couple of excursions. Inside the lobby of our hotel was an area which gave information about the various excursions that were available and the different companies that supplied them.

Excursion 1

Our first trip was a boat trip which gave us the chance to swim with dolphins and snorkelling on the coral reefs. We took a coach to a small port where we boarded our boat called the ‘Road Sea.’ We were all given life jackets, they even had children’s life jackets small enough to fit Lewis who was under 2 at the time. We were taken out into the  out into the Red Sea and stopped in the middle of the sea – Maybe not in the middle but we couldn’t see any land.

All the guests were split into smaller groups of about 8. Each group went out in search of dolphins in a small speed boat. One of the tour guides would dive down in search of the dolphins and as soon as he saw them he’d give us a signal and we would tip backwards out of the boat to swim down to them. We tried this 2 times with the boys on our laps but as we would check that they were ok before looking for the dolphins we kept missing them. On the third turn some of the other guests wanted to stay in the boat and offered to keep the boys so that we could go by ourselves. This time we saw them, Alan managed to swim alongside them but my swimming skills aren’t great so I unfortunately didn’t quite reach them.

We returned to the Road Sea. Whilst another group were off trying to find the dolphins, some swam by.  A few of the guests were snorkelling and/or swimming around the boat and were lucky enough to swim with them. It was amazing to watch. They are such beautiful creatures.

When all the guests had returned to the boat we had a buffet style light lunch. After lunch the engines started and we were on the move. We stopped at a large coral reef area where we went snorkelling. Alan took Tristan snorkelling and he really enjoyed seeing the fish. I left Alan and the boys swimming and went for a quick snorkel myself. I’ve never been snorkelling before but I would definitely recommend it. From looking at the reef from the boat I would never of imagined there would be such colourful array of fish.

Excursion 2

For our second excursion we decided to go on a semi-submarine trip. It turned out to be more of a glass bottom boat which was decorated to look like a submarine. Although the description wasn’t quite right we still had a great time. The coach ride to the boat was very scenic. We arrived at a beach and we had about an hours free time before the submarine/boat was due to leave. I’m not sure what this area was called. – possibly El Gouna – if anyone has been and know the name of this area please comment below. It was beautiful and very quiet. There was a shopping area over the road from the beach which looked quite posh.


We boarded the submarine/boat and set off. The tour guide showed us a poster showing the different types of creatures you can see in the Red Sea. Approximately 45 minutes later the tour guide asked if we’d like to make our way downstairs. The boys eyes lit up when they realised they could see all the fish and that we were under the water. Maybe not the best photo ever but can you see the Turtle?

Once we were back on the upper deck and heading back to shore the tour guide introduced us to this little fella.

The rest of the second week was spent on resort and at the beach. Overall we had a great time in Hughada. Both our boat trips were great fun and we would certainly recommend them even if you have kids. Tristan could swim a little, Lewis not so much at the time but life jackets are provided. Don’t let it stop you.

Other information

There are many other excursions you could do. Go and see the pyramids in Cairo or the valley of the kinds in Luxor. We choose on this occasion not to visit these but we intend on going back in a few years. There were also water parks you can visit as well as quad biking and safari tours. There’s definitely something for everyone in Egypt.

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