Our First Income Report

our first income report

January 2017 has been the first month in which my blog has began receiving views –Yay! We haven’t officially launched as I don’t feel I have enough contend just yet – believe me I am working on it! Anyway as we’ve just started receiving visits I feel like its the perfect time to start monitoring and providing an income report.

When I jotted up how much I’d earnt this month I couldn’t quite believe it, it’s been a busy month – My husband and our boys didn’t go back to work/school until the 9th –so it’s taken the remainder of the month to get back into half a routine! We had family visit and I sat the hardest exam of my life, so the spare time I had was spent revising instead of side hustling.


Why publish Income Reports?

I’m going to be publishing a monthly income report to share with you the income from my blog and side hustles because not only will it encourage me to regularly take note of how much I’m actually earning, it will keep me motivated in pushing these side hustles to boost my income even more and I will be showing what sort of realistic figures you can achieve.

Side Hustle Income

Mystery Shopping.


Mystery Shopping companies usually have 1 payday’s per month meaning assignments worked after the cut off period will be paid in the following month.



Here I am combining Cashback Apps such as Checkout Smart and TopCashBack with Cashback Schemes such as cashback rewards from banks. Most of the time these companies let you choose when to cash-out so I’m happy for it to stay there until I’ve build up a decent amount. Some also have a threshold that you need to reach before it will allow you to cash out.



With surveys you need to hit a cash-out threshold before you can get paid. I am £1 away from hitting that with the survey company I have used this month.

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Blog Income

I really didn’t expect to make money on my blog for a little while yet as like I said before I’ve not officially launched yet. But I thought it couldn’t hurt in putting my details down for a few sponsored post opportunities and I got one! I was both excited and nervous! But I’ve done it, you can find it here.

Sponsored Post



Total Side Hustle Income for January  £116.55

Next Month >>>

A Valentine’s Day Gift for all the family.


Valentine's Day Gift

* sponsored post

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I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Whilst I love the idea of a day for me and my husband; that doesn’t have to be the 14th February. I hate that it’s become so commercialised that people just waste their money on buying a Valentine’s Day gift that is just going to collect dust or end up in the bin. Buy a Valentine’s Day gift that’s not a waste of your hard earned cash, something with a purpose.

My plan for Valentine’s Day

I think we’re going to order ourselves a takeaway and download a movie to watch. Get rid of all the fuss of getting a babysitter and waiting around for a taxi that we’d have if we went out.
You could do something similar…
Cook yourselves a nice meal or order your favourite takeaway, get that movie you’ve wanted to see for ages and just chill out. If you wanted to really treat yourselves you could upgrade the TV to a Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV; a Valentine’s Day gift that will last longer than most and has a purpose for all the family.

Have you heard of Ultra HD 4K TV’s?

Quality of Ultra HD 4K technology is fantastic. I’ve been doing some research on them and Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV’s have won awards from What Hifi? You can find more information and reviews on them here. I was shocked by how inexpensive they are!! You can buy a Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV for around £500 depending on the screen size, how fantastic is that! Find the Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV range on Amazon here.

Fitbit Flex Review

This Christmas Santa left my husband and I a Fitbit Flex each in our stockings; these were purchased for £29.99 each in the Black Friday sales.

As I’m not sporty the reason I  wanted a Fitbit was simply for the sleep tracker, I thought I was sleeping well but waking up feeling exhausted; turns out I’m actually having around 40 -60 minutes awake or restless each night. Knowing this I’m going to try and wind down before bed and see if this improves.

The steps counter has introduced a bit of competition between my husband and I. He thinks the counter is off as I’m averaging 2k more steps than he has for the past 7 days.

It will be interesting to see what our steps count will be like when the holidays end and my husband returns to work, our boys return to school and normality resumes on Monday.

The Fitbit Flex also tracks kilometres walked, calories burnt, active minutes, hourly activity, tracks exercise, weight and water and food intake.

Tesco Party Food

As a member of The Orchard at Tesco I receive samples and coupons in return for open and honest reviews on the products.

I took part in the Hosting Christmas your way programme and I received a member coupon for £5 off the Tesco party food range which enabled me to try these products for free.

When I visited my local store I noticed they had the party range on 3 for £5 so using my coupon I purchased Beef and Red Wine Lattices, Hot and Spicy Prawns and Mozzarella Sticks and Cream Cheese Garlic Stars.

The Beef and Red Wine Lattices were lovely.
The Hot and Spicy Prawns were nice, not the best I’ve tried though.
The Mozzarella Sticks and Cream Cheese Garlic Stars weren’t to my taste, however my husband and youngest son enjoyed them.



Blog Goals for Quarter 1 of 2017

I think that having public goals will hold me accountable to you my readers and motivate me into achieving them. As is a new blog and not yet officially launched I will break my first year into quarters to ensure they are realistic.

My blog goals for Quatre 1.

1. Officially Launch.

2. Set up social media pages and get 50 likes, followers and pins.

3. Earn £50 per month from my blog.

4. Post regularly (at least 3 times per week)

5. Post 5 reviews per month.

They may seem simple and probably are but I don’t want to start with unrealistic goals, when I’m not 100% sure what to expect.


Boost your Income with Mystery Shopping

boost your income with mystery shopping

You may have heard about Mystery Shopping before, it’s a great way to boost your income on a flexible basis. I have been registered with several companies for around 8 months and I’ve done a handful of assignments with each. I have earned just under £120 plus reimbursements from 16 assignments in those 8 months. Whilst your not going to get rich doing mystery shopping it’s a bit of extra money that could be used to pay towards debt, savings or for a little treat for yourself and family.

It’s important to remember that carrying out this type of work classes you as self-employed so you will have to register, complete annual self assessments and if you pass the income thresholds pay your own tax.

Some of the Mystery Shopping companies I am registered with are:
  • Retail Maxim

I have carried out more assignments with retail maxim that include hair & beauty visits; I’ve been paid to have my hair cut and my nails done – you have to pay it out of your own pocket initially but this is reimbursed once they receive your completed questionnaire and receipts; high-street fashion stores, telephone enquiries to travel agents and other retail stores. Assignments are booked via telephone and email and payment is paid straight into your bank account. Retail Maxim have the highest rates of pay that I have come across. If your interested in registering with Retail Maxim you can do so via this link.

  • Market force

I have carried out a few assignments with Market Force that have included pharmacies and supermarkets. I have found that there are always assignments available with Market Force which are mostly cafe’s, restaurants and betting shops. The pay with Market Force isn’t great, it’s a usually a couple of pounds, but something is better than nothing and if your local café/restaurant is on there then you’ll get a certain amount that they’ll reimburse you to complete your visit. Assignments are booked via their website (they also have an app although I am yet to try this) and payment is paid straight into your bank account. If your interested in registering with Market Force you can do so via this link.

  • Grassroots

I have carried out a few assignments with Grassroots that have included supermarkets and travel agents. I find that Grassroots assignments don’t come up very often in my area and tend to go very quickly. The pay rates are very reasonable.  Assignments are booked via their website and payment is paid straight into your bank account. If your interested in registering with Grassroots you can do so via this link.


There are a few more companies of which I have recently carried out Mystery Shopping assignments however I am currently waiting on payment so I will update once I have received these.

I’m taking part in the Money Making Madness Linky hosted by Charlotte Burns from Lotty Earns, Emma Bradley from Mum’s Savvy Savings, Emma Drew from EmmaDrew.Info and Lynn from Mrs Mummy Penny.