Our First Income Report

our first income report

January 2017 has been the first month in which my blog has began receiving views –Yay! We haven’t officially launched as I don’t feel I have enough contend just yet – believe me I am working on it! Anyway as we’ve just started receiving visits I feel like its the perfect time to start monitoring and providing an income report.

When I jotted up how much I’d earnt this month I couldn’t quite believe it, it’s been a busy month – My husband and our boys didn’t go back to work/school until the 9th –so it’s taken the remainder of the month to get back into half a routine! We had family visit and I sat the hardest exam of my life, so the spare time I had was spent revising instead of side hustling.


Why publish Income Reports?

I’m going to be publishing a monthly income report to share with you the income from my blog and side hustles because not only will it encourage me to regularly take note of how much I’m actually earning, it will keep me motivated in pushing these side hustles to boost my income even more and I will be showing what sort of realistic figures you can achieve.

Side Hustle Income

Mystery Shopping.


Mystery Shopping companies usually have 1 payday’s per month meaning assignments worked after the cut off period will be paid in the following month.



Here I am combining Cashback Apps such as Checkout Smart and TopCashBack with Cashback Schemes such as cashback rewards from banks. Most of the time these companies let you choose when to cash-out so I’m happy for it to stay there until I’ve build up a decent amount. Some also have a threshold that you need to reach before it will allow you to cash out.



With surveys you need to hit a cash-out threshold before you can get paid. I am £1 away from hitting that with the survey company I have used this month.

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Blog Income

I really didn’t expect to make money on my blog for a little while yet as like I said before I’ve not officially launched yet. But I thought it couldn’t hurt in putting my details down for a few sponsored post opportunities and I got one! I was both excited and nervous! But I’ve done it, you can find it here.

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Total Side Hustle Income for January  £116.55

Next Month >>>

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