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Educational Quizzes

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This half term I was given the fantastic opportunity of trying out the Educational Quizzes website with my boys , Tristan aged 6 and Lewis aged 4.


A Little About Educational Quizzes.

Educational Quizzes is a monthly subscription designed to help children be successful at school by making the school curriculum easy and enjoyable. The quizzes written by teachers cover curriculum from Key Stage 1 all the way up to GCSE Level. The subscription costs £9.95 per month and can be cancelled at any time. Educational Quizzes are conscious that not everyone is able to afford the monthly subscription and for this reason schools can sign up students from as little as £2 per year which is a tiny price to pay for more engagement with parents.

How we got on.

I logged into and selected Key Stage 1 quizzes. I then let the boys have free reign on my laptop and Tristan being more IT savvy took the lead. He chose to try the 2 times tables questionnaire and loved that it automatically told him if he’d got it right or not when he chose an answer. He was very proud to tell me that he’d got 9/10. Next he did a mixed times tables and got a bit frustrated when he was getting more wrong. I know he hasn’t done all the times tables in school yet so this didn’t worry me. If he had then it would of highlighted areas which we could practice at home. Tristan also tried the spellings quiz however found this a bit tricky as he didn’t know what the sentence was supposed to say and couldn’t get his head around the fact he had to read the answers and pick which one was right. Educational Quizzes may I suggest an option to hear audio of the sentence to help the younger children?

As Lewis isn’t very IT savvy and he can’t read just yet I decided to do some quizzes with him. We did the ‘Counting on from a given number.’ I was quite impressed as Lewis is only 4 and with a bit of talking it through got 8 out of 10. We also did the ‘Alphabet (big and Small – Upper and Lower Case Letters 1’ quiz and this was great for Lewis as he’s at that stage where he is recognising and sounding out letters everywhere.

Overall View

I thought the Educational Quizzes website is a great resource for children, parents and schools. I’m not sure if I’d pay the  £9.95 subscription fee on a monthly basis but I definitely think it’s something I would use to keep my boys learning throughout the summer holidays. I think educational quizzes are a great resource to link school and home education and I am fully behind schools taking out the subscription for their students.

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