Don’t Rock The Boat


Our family love a good board game. I was recently offered a chance to review Don’t Rock The Boat by Universal Games. The fun balancing game taking it in turns to balance 16 pirate penguins on the deck. I had seen the Don’t Rock The Boat advert on TV but wasn’t sure on it. You can watch the advert here. I wasn’t sure if it was a bit old for my boys ages 7 and 4 but we gave it a try.

The box for Don’t Rock The Boat is bright and carries the pirate theme on. The boat and penguins are made out of good quality sturdy plastic unlike a lot of children’s games. The game was very simple to set up once I’d worked out that the deck clips into the boat rather than sitting on top. The game requires 16 penguins to be split between the players and taking it in turn starting with the youngest you are to place them on the pirate ship. If you knock one or more penguins off the boat then you loose and they player before you is the winner.

Don’t Rock The Boat is aged 5+ and I would agree with this as it takes a steady hand and my 4 year old son struggled with this, but I’m sure with more practice it would improve his fine motor skills. I quite enjoyed playing Don’t Rock The Boat as did my oldest son. If I had to compare it to another game it would be Jenga as it requires the same focus and steady hand. I also really like that it’s designed for all the pieces to fit into the underneath section of the boat.

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