Chester Zoo Annual Membership.

Like a lot of families we love a trip to the Zoo and we’re quite lucky that we are less than an hour away from Chester Zoo. It’s a great day out for all the family. For our family of 4 it costs £96 for one visit (or we can get a 10% discount if we book in advance) and with living so close its an easily accessible day out which the kids love come rain or shine.

Chester Zoo offer an Annual Membership which costs a family of 4 £237 per year or if you pay by direct debit you can save an extra 10% taking it to £213 which costs less than 3 day visits and you can go as often as you like! You can also book a day visit and before you leave head to the membership office (the building to the right of the entrance) and they will deduct your visit’s entrance fee from your membership.

Chester Zoo Turtle

We have had membership for 16 months now… Thank you Santa 2015. and it has been great! Any weekend we can pop down for an hour or 2 and throughout the summer holidays we were at the zoo at least once a week.

As well as unlimited free entry to Chester Zoo for 12 months, an annual membership also provides the following benefits:-

  • Fast track entry.
  • 10% discount in shops and cafe’s.
  • Free entry to other zoo’s such as Bristol Zoo Gardens, Edinburgh Zoo, Newquay Zoo & many more.
  • Quarterly Zoo magazine.
  • 2 Membership Days where you can bring guests for half price.
  • Access to Junior Events.

You can find full details about Annual Membership at Chester Zoo here.

Chester Zoo also provide a number of events throughout the year.

In the run up to Christmas they offer ‘The Lanterns at Chester Zoo’ which is an event after dark in the zoo where they have lots of animal shaped lanterns and other acts. We went Christmas 2015 and our boys loved it. The Lanterns opens this year on 24th November 2017 with tickets priced from £12 per adult & £5 per child. You can book tickets here.

The Lanterns at Chester Zoo

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