Product Reviews

Fitbit Flex Review

This Christmas Santa left my husband and I a Fitbit Flex each in our stockings; these were purchased for £29.99 each in the Black Friday sales.

As I’m not sporty the reason I  wanted a Fitbit was simply for the sleep tracker, I thought I was sleeping well but waking up feeling exhausted; turns out I’m actually having around 40 -60 minutes awake or restless each night. Knowing this I’m going to try and wind down before bed and see if this improves.

The steps counter has introduced a bit of competition between my husband and I. He thinks the counter is off as I’m averaging 2k more steps than he has for the past 7 days.

It will be interesting to see what our steps count will be like when the holidays end and my husband returns to work, our boys return to school and normality resumes on Monday.

The Fitbit Flex also tracks kilometres walked, calories burnt, active minutes, hourly activity, tracks exercise, weight and water and food intake.

Tesco Party Food

As a member of The Orchard at Tesco I receive samples and coupons in return for open and honest reviews on the products.

I took part in the Hosting Christmas your way programme and I received a member coupon for £5 off the Tesco party food range which enabled me to try these products for free.

When I visited my local store I noticed they had the party range on 3 for £5 so using my coupon I purchased Beef and Red Wine Lattices, Hot and Spicy Prawns and Mozzarella Sticks and Cream Cheese Garlic Stars.

The Beef and Red Wine Lattices were lovely.
The Hot and Spicy Prawns were nice, not the best I’ve tried though.
The Mozzarella Sticks and Cream Cheese Garlic Stars weren’t to my taste, however my husband and youngest son enjoyed them.