Butlins Christmas Fantasy Weekend

We took advantage of The Sun Holidays earlier in the year and booked the Christmas Fantasy Weekend at Butlins Skegness for the 16th – 19th December. On top of the £9.50 per person we paid an extra £80 for entertainment passes, gas & electric.  In the spring we had been upgraded to Silver accommodation using The Sun Holidays; this time we were not.

Checking In

Check-in was relatively easy via a drive-thru check in. We had a ground floor apartment in Lagoon Bay, approximately 500 yards from an entrance to the skyline and approximately 800 yards from the beach.


Standard accommodation was very basic as was its cleanliness. The bedsheets had stains on, shower ceiling had dead flies on and there was dust and cobwebs on the ceilings. We didn’t expect standard accommodation to spotless, so this met our expectations. (We brought our  own sheets just in case).

All-inclusive Activities

The Butlins Fairground was great and we spent a lot of time here as the boys loved it. We went for a swim at Splash Waterworld twice whilst we were there, it was really good there were lots the boys could do but it was also very busy. We spent a lot of time in the arcades. The play areas kept the boys entertained when we stopped for a drink in one of the many restaurants and cafes. The beach was lovely and quiet. There were lots of photo opportunities around the site where the boys posed for photos.

Live Shows (all inclusive)

Each day there were different puppet shows in the Butlins Skyline Pavilion, there were quite short but great for young children with a shorter attention span. They got all the children involved with songs or ‘he’s behind you’ interaction.

Friday evening’s show was a magician which the boys loved.
On Saturday there was a pantomime called Aladdin rocks which was really good, they got all the audience involved and there was a little adult humour subtly thrown in.
Sunday afternoon there was wrestling in the pavilion, I was a little dubious about this as watching people get hit and thrown about isn’t something that interests me and I thought it might be sending the wrong messages to the boys. I think I was just being over sensitive though as they loved it and would excitedly cheer on the ‘good guy.’

Optional Extras

You could pay a little extra to play adventure golf, ten pin bowling, take a ride on the go karts and the aerial adventures. We didn’t use any of the extras this time as there were plenty of other things to do at Butlins that were all inclusive.. I did surprise Alan with a massage at The Spa and when we met up with him after he looked so much more relaxed – definitely money well spent.

Santa’s Grotto

We went to see Santa at his grotto in Butlins which was included in the price. We had been given a time slot when we checked in and this helped keep the queue at bay, there was a short wait but it would have been hectic if they’d done first come, first served. As we got to the front of the queue we told the elf that Tristan is dairy-free and he said that shouldn’t be a problem. Went off and came back and told us it was fine. We went in and saw Santa & Mrs Clause and we posed for a group photo taken by Mrs Clause. Tristan received a large bag of Haribo and Lewis received a selection box.

Ice Skating

Before this weekend I had never been ice skating as I’ve always had a fear of falling over and having my fingers chopped off by the blades. I know that probably sounds crazy but I have a something called hypersensitivity which is basically seeing the risks and the worst outcome and then being overprotective, so ice skating was a really big deal for me. Alan talked me into it and the boys were really excited when we walked past so I anxiously gave it ago. I wasn’t whizzing round the rink but I’m glad I gave it ago. The boys used penguin aids which were also a great cover for my inexperience on the ice.

Overall we had a great festive weekend, the boys had fun and we got to spend some much needed family time together. If your going to book a break with Butlins I would recommend going for silver or higher accommodation purely for the cleanliness.


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