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Bunny Jump Review*I received this product in return for this review*
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We are big fans of board games in our house, the more fun we can have with them the better! A couple of weeks ago I was offered the chance to review Bunny Jump by Universal games. I’d already seen Bunny Jump advertised on the telly with it’s catchy song. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it here. The exciting catch-the-bunny game where you have to try and collect as many carrots as you can. One of the carrots will make the bunny jump into the air. The winner is the person who catches the bunny.

Bunny Jump ReviewThe box for Bunny Jump is colourful and fun. Bunny Jump kind of reminds me of Pop-Up Pirate which I used to love playing with my brothers when I was younger. However I like that Bunny Jump is more gender neutral. Bunny Jump has simpler design than pop up pirate. The chunky carrots make me think it would be a game that toddlers could get involved in with the rest of the family; although it is recommended for age 5+ so any younger would require supervision as the small parts could be swallowed.

Bunny Jump ReviewBunny Jump was really easy to set up. I hate it when you have to faff about for ages setting a game up and everyone looses interest. This definitely isn’t one of those games. The aim of the game is to take it in turns starting with the youngest player to spin the wheel and follow the action you land on. The action options are pull 1 or 2 carrots, no carrots or loose a carrot from your basket. All players must keep their hands on the playing area – in our case the floor – except when taking their turn. As soon as the bunny jumps the first to catch him wins.

Bunny Jump ReviewI played with my boys aged 4 and 7. They both loved the game and found it hilarious when he jumped. It took my youngest a while to get the idea of the game as he wanted to get the carrot despite the bunny jumping. After a few frustrated games he got the idea that catching the bunny was the main aim of the game. Bunny JumpBunny Jump is definitely going to be a favourite in our family from now on.

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