Blogmas Day 7: The Coca Cola Truck

Last night after school we travelled to Liverpool to see the iconic ‘Holidays are coming’ Coca Cola Truck which was situated next to Liverpool One’s 30 metre Christmas tree on Paradise Street.

We arrived at around 4pm expecting the queue to be unbelievably long we were pleasantly surprised when we went from the end of the queue to having our photos taken within 15 minutes. *This may of had something to do with the rain. Or the fact we got there at a good time. Previous years we have arrived later and have had to queue for up to an hour and a half.

Whilst we were waiting in the queue we were given vouchers for a bottle of Coca Cola from a supermarket. As we got closer we were offered a small can of coca cola – all varieties were available. We took 3 cans of coca cola. I don’t often let the boys have fizzy drinks but as a treat on this occasion I did. The assistant wasn’t allowed to hand the drink to the children which is great as it shows that Coca Cola are taking social responsibility. I had previously read in the Liverpool Echo that there were calls to ban the coca cola truck coming to Liverpool One due to an ‘obesity epidemic’. I think Coca Cola have been very responsible in this situation as they have passed that responsibility onto the parents.

We approached the truck where there were 3 podiums which we could choose one to pose for a photo on and an assistant would take your camera/phone and take a photo for you. Previous years they would take the photo for you and also take one with their professional camera which you could download or buy a copy of online.


We had our photo taken and moved along to the area near the front of the truck and finished our drinks before putting the cans in the recycling bin provided.

At the front of the Coca Cola Truck there was a photo frame so it would have been rude not to.

As we walked around the other side of the Coca Cola Truck Tristan spotted an assistant and he went over to ask her some questions about the truck. She was lovely and told him that it wasn’t just a normal truck and that Santa was in there resting for the big day. She the offered for the boys to go behind the barrier for a photo against the very front of the Coca Cola Truck, so we took a few more photos.

Well done to all the Coca Cola Team at Liverpool One this year, you were all friendly and helpful even though you were getting soaked and no doubt were freezing. Also the security guards who were on top form asking Lewis if he’d lost his mum or dad and turning around to check when he appeared next to them at the barrier hoping for a closer look at the Coca Cola Truck. (I was stood at the other side of the barrier within arms reach).

I was a little disappointed to find out that a short time after we left, images were projected onto the side of the Coca Cola Truck would of been nice to see our face on it. But never mind we’ll see you again next Christmas.

You can see the Coca Cola Truck at the following locations:

  • 7th December (Today) Watford – Asda.
  • 7th December (Today) Telford Shopping Centre.
  • 8th December Wembley – London Designer Outlet.
  • 8th December Nottingham – Victoria Retail Park.
  • 9th December London – O2 Arena.
  • 9th December Birmingham – Edgbaston Street.
  • 10th December London – O2 Arena.
  • 10th December Birmingham – Edgbaston Street.
  • 11th December Coventry – Broadgate.
  • 13th December Reading – Riverside Shopping Centre.
  • 14th December Rushden – Waitrose.
  • 15th December Milton Keynes – Xscape.
  • 16th December Essex – Lakeside.
  • 17th December Essex – Lakeside.

.Tour dates are usually released at the beginning of November, we’ll be sure to let you know when we know.

11 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7: The Coca Cola Truck

  1. Coca Cola has made Christmas and it just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling! We’ll definitely be visiting it this year! #Blogstravaganza

  2. I missed this in Liverpool this year, but I read about them trying to ban it, I even got invited to an event to help spread the word about banning the truck. I will definitely try to make it next year. That tree on Paradise Street is fabulous isn’t it! #blogstravaganza

  3. The truck was near us this year but I think my girls are a little young yet. I can’t wait to take them when they are older though! Thanks so much for hosting the last #Blogstravaganza of the year, it’s great to have you! Xx

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