Blogmas Day 5: BusyLazyMum’s Top 5 Christmas Movies

BusyLazyMum’s Top 5 Christmas Movies

1. Home Alone.

I love this film! My husband loves it too and the boys recently watched it for the first time and they found it hilarious. They love Tom & Jerry and this film is the ‘real life’ version of slap stick comedy. This almost 30 year old film is still a classic.

2. Love Actually.

Who doesn’t love a star studded lovey-dovey Rom-Com at Christmas.

3. The Grinch.

I’m a big fan of the Dr Seuss books/films and Jim Carrey doesn’t disappoint when the Grinch seeks revenge on Whoville but is befriended by a little girl.

4. The Holiday.

Another festive star studded lovey dovey rom-com to snuggle up and watch at Christmas.

5. Elf

Being raised by Elf’s Buddy was always going to be the most festive man in New York.

What are your favourite Christmas movies? What makes a good festive film?

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