Day 1: Happy First of December… He’s here, He’s here.

Happy 1st December!! How quickly has it come around this year?? Not quite feeling the Christmas spirit yet this year, it’s been a hard year and I’m usually finishing off our Christmas shopping round about now but I’ve barely started. I’m going to pursue in the Christmas fun for the boys and hopefully the Christmas spirit will appear somewhere along the way.

For many the 1st of December brings the advent calendars and lots of excitement for chocolate for breakfast. For some it bring the elf on the shelf. In our house we do the elf slightly differently than the typical elf on the shelf, we do a mixture of the elf bringing treats and/or activities, days out or just being mischievous. The first of December marks his arrival and this morning the boys woke up and excitedly asked if they could come downstairs to see if the elf had come this year; because Santa needs lots of elf’s to stay back home so not everyone gets an elf. Tristan was the first downstairs this morning and he screamed ‘He’s here!! He’s here!! and he’s brought advent calendars.’

elf on the shelf busylazymum #blogmas Christmas 2017Advent Calendars: Moo-free £2.99 from Aldi, personalised Snowman & Snow dog white chocolate £5 from Thornton’s, Scooby Snacks for Dogs £2.99 from B&M, personalised Santa £5 from Thornton’s and Chocologic Free from £2.50 from Tesco.

I debated getting a ‘proper’ elf on the shelf elf this year as the boys are both a bit older and I think the cuddly elf might be getting a bit young for them now, but I decided to stick with him for the time being as we’ve had so much fun with him and with moving house thought it’d be nice to have Buddy here instead of more change for them.

In the past Buddy our elf has…

…Decorated the boys bedroom ready for Christmas.

…brought us our letter to Santa kits.

…brought us our Christmas cards to write and festive snacks.

…snuck into our apartment at Butlin’s to surprise us with a North Pole Breakfast.


… brought us Christmas Crafts.

Our Elf Buddy has been so much fun in the past and I’m looking forward to seeing the excitement on the boys faces each day when they find out where he’s hiding, what he’s done or what he’s brought.

You can keep updated with our elf antics over at Buddy’s Elf Antics 2017.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to check out Blogmas: Day 2.


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